About our business operations for sustainable development(SDGs)

The SGDs(Sustainable Development Goals) proposed by the United Nations, are expected by not only large corporations but also individuals,small-medium-sized enterprises which actively contribute to environmental protection.

We will also formulate a detailed action plan, assess the feasibility of its by an external third party through conducting regular monitoring.

In November 2023, we formulated an action plan and recieved a third-party opinion from the Japan Credit Rating Agency (JCR) regarding the suitability of our initiative through the implementation of Positive Impact Finance.

The outline is as follows.

Setting Key performance indicator and respond to the impacts stipulated by UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme).

 ▷Contribute to Traceability in the context of medicine

 ▷Employee training according to their position

 ▷Conducting employee satisfaction surveys

Employment, inclusive and sustainable economic growth
 ▷Promoting diversity

 ▷Make effort to generate Intellectual Property

Resource Efficiency and Safety
 ▷Extending the lifespan of machinery through proper maintainance

Economic convergence
 ▷Stable supply of products and new product development

Negative impacts (Reduction)

Health・Hygiene, and Employment
 ▷Improvement of a safe and possitive workplace environment

 ▷Making work-life balance
 ▷Initiatives for Employee Retention

Resource Efficiency, Safety, Climate
 ▷Commonization of parts by reviewing design flow, using standard products
 ▷Reduction of power consumption

 ▷Control waste and proper disposal
In our business, pollutants are not emitted during the manufacturing process

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