Automatic Charnel Stage System makes effective use of the land within the temple grounds and provide our customers with a spacious space to pray

Our company is a pioneer in this industry with 20 years of experience selling self-transporting columbariums.

We have accumulated many achievements not only in private temples, but also in local government projects with difficult construction conditions, as well as in the annex of the family temple of the imperial household.
We are able to effectively utilize the land within the temple grounds with our Automatic Charnel Stage System which meets the needs of the times, and provides our customers with a comfortable space to pray.

Make effective use of land

You can have a columbarium with a large worship space on a small budget.This is because one grave can hold the remains of several people, and can be used not only for individuals or couples, but also as a family grave.

With the industry's most space-saving design, even small sites can be used effectively.

*In a space of 11m x 3.0m = 33m² (10 tsubo), it is possible to accommodate 1200 units (2400 cremains) (36 units/m²), which is about 10 to 30 times more efficient than normal. (depends on conditions)


Can be installed according to your request

We can flexibly respond to your requests and conditions according to the location and topography, such as installing it in an empty space within the temple grounds, a part of the main hall, or underground.


Easy Operation for Praying

All you need before praying is to hold your card to the reception device.
Only administrator can take out the cremains for security.

It also has backup mechanism to save data in emergency situation.


The structure has an earthquake-resistant, rust-resistant, and moisture-resistant design.

In addition to employing earthquake-resistant devices (patented) in all of our zushi, the zushi, frames, shelves, and other structural parts where precious ashes are placed are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Replacement of whole machine is not necessary as the structural part does not corrode, which realizes large reduction of total cost in a long run.

We assume its long-term use by paying attention to even its invisible part, so our charnel stage can serve you for long time.

Automatic Charnel Stage System - How to Pray

The process of praying with the Automatic Charnel Stage System is as follows:


Prayers Visit


Hold the card to the card reader at the entrance
(or passcode in case not carrying it)


Enter the charnel chapel


Hold the card over reception device
(or passcode in case not carrying it)


Your charnel stage will appear in
altar in about one minute





how to visit the cemetery. (Yokohama City Hino Komorebi Charnel Chapel)