How we think about employment

We have five policies about how we act for the KOYO Automatic Machine, and we ask all the employees to practice these policies.
We welcome those who are eager to practice the five policies.

Fulfill his or her own duty proactively with passion.

No work can be completed all by oneself.
Fulfilling one’s duty cannot be completed by oneself, and there are always other people who support us, and we also support them by doing our jobs.
Therefore we need to keep in mind that we are supporting our customers and face our duties with passion.

Keep in mind that challenges for customers are our own challenges and pursue customer satisfaction.

Consider how the automatic machines we developed are used by customers on site.
What are the challenges and what are the benefits from customers’ point of view?
Visit the customers’ site habitually, listen to their voices and always think from their perspective.
We will be able to find a way to solve challenges for customers by these behavior combined with our technology, experience and know-how.

In other words, challenges for customers are the challenges for us, and the solutions are in our hands.
By overcoming these challenges we can provide satisfactions to our customers.
This is not just the matter for sales, design or development teams. We want all the employees in all the departments and divisions to share this way of thinking.
We would like to advance together with the whole company as a family while sharing pleasure with customers.

Ambitiously adopt new technology, and continue to explore new product development.

New technologies are not necessarily in the company. Technology that seems unrelated at first may bring the automatic machine to a new stage.
We want our employees to have interests in social movements and new technologies and not to be afraid of failure.
We demand our employees to be motivated to incorporate new technologies and tools to develop new products.

If we challenge ahead of other companies, we can not only keep our technological superiority but also can cultivate richer experiences and know-hows.
There is always a conflict between cost and performance/quality in new product development.
However, we would like our employees to pursue both with flexible ideas without being held up by established concepts.

Observe ethics and laws of society, and strive to act in good faith.

Any excellent company is a member of the society, and it pursues social contribution.
Thus, we must strictly observe ethics and laws of the society, and we must strive for faithful behavior and carry out fair economic activities.
We must pay particularly close attention to the relationships with customers, other peers in the same industry and agencies (such as trading companies) in terms of business conduct.

We strictly prohibit to provide money in return for accepting order or any kind of favor.
It is also strictly prohibited to receive money from agencies, trading companies, etc.
If there is such an offer, regardless of who he/she is, decline it explicitly.
Consult the president, one of our executive officers or the management department if you have a doubt.

In some cases, these offers may ask us for provision of confidential information such as our technical information or customer information in return.
Providing such confidential information is violation of our employee regulation and subject to disciplinary action.
Actions like these are beyond the range of entertainment expenses use and are unjust.

Make safety the first priority, strive to preserve the global environment and do not neglect hygienic environment.

Make sure "safety" is the top priority regardless of our tasks, and strive to prevent injury and accident beforehand.

Also, make efforts to preserve the global environment, and do not neglect the sanitation of the local community and the company.
Organize ourselves, cleanup the environment, keep ourselves clean and be disciplined.
Keeping the environment around us sanitary will keep our mind and body in order, and eventually leads to healthy development of the company, the community and the society.

Our measures

At our company, we are implementing a variety of measures to ensure that our employees can work stably for a long time.
It will introduce a part of.
Employee employment

Nowadays, there is a need for employment that suits each person's environment. Especially when it comes to maternity and childcare leave, we make every effort to accommodate each person's circumstances with the assumption that they will be able to return to work.
In recognition of our efforts, we were recognized with the Yokohama Good Balance Award in 2013.

Annual leave/Special leave

Saturdays,Sundays and holidays (Annual leave:129 days,results of 2019).
In addition, we have annual paid leave, year-end and New Year holidays, three days of seasonal leave, and an anniversary leave system that allows employees and their families to take anniversaries.