I would like to express my gratitude once again to all of you for your continued patronage and support. Thanks to all of you, we have surpassed the milestone of 55 years since our founding, and it is an unexpected pleasure for us to be able to advance to a new post-COVID stage together with you.

We also believe that by advocating "Customer First" and continuing to design and develop automatic machines such as labeling machines, we have been able to illuminate a corner of society in some way.

Furthermore, by upholding the principle of "customer first" and continuously engaging in the design and development of automatic machines such as labeling machines, we believe that we have been able to illuminate a corner of society in some way.

As a pioneer manufacturer of labeling machines, we do not rest on our laurels for our "original ideas and technology," "quick footwork," and "flexible and sincere after-sales follow-up." We aim to create a solid future with our customers, and we also offer innovative elements. Through design and development that incorporates ambitious technology, we will seriously and carefully address issues in the field both domestically and internationally.

Although the labels that our machines apply are very small, we take great responsibility and pride in supporting "Peaple's lives and lifes" At my alma mater, Kitasato University, there is an anecdote that has been told about the school's founder, Professor Shibasaburo Kitasato.

The story is that a milk bottle delivered to Dr. Yukichi Fukuzawa from the Kitasato Research Institute was slightly dirty, and Dr. Fukuzawa was severely reprimanded to Dr. Kitasato, "In a hospital where people entrust their lives, what is this filth?". And it is a historical fact.

I will keep these words of reprimand in mind, pay attention to the small details, and put the "customer first" in order to succeed in this business. We would like to ask for your continued patronage and support.

*Episode details:
Shibasaburo Kitasato received great support from Yukichi Fukuzawa and established Dofugaoka Yojoen (Kitasato Research Institute). He was indebted to Kitasato and Fukuzawa's friendship continued through his letters.

One day, a milk bottle delivered to Fukuzawa's house from the nursery school was slightly dirty, and Kitasato told him, "A single bottle of milk can be used to judge the quality of a hospital. A letter of severe reprimand from Fukuzawa arrived, and state that the neglect of the kitchen and the unfriendly medical examination laws will be truly frightening."

Kitasato bowed down to Fukuzawa's scolding and apologized, keeping the letter in his possession as a lifelong warning. In addition, Fukuzawa's letter, which says, "Those who aspire to a great cause, undergoes many hardships throughout their lives.Usually, only by paying attention to every detail can they achieve half of their goal." Fukuzawa's letter is still in Kitasato research. It has been passed down as a "treasure" of the place.

Source: Kitasato Research Institute Public Relations Magazine [KAMINARI] No.10

Representative Director and President山下宣行